Power in the cloud.

I’ve got a laptop that decides to fail on me multiple times a day at the moment – don’t worry its going back to the shop tomorrow. But it made me realise the power of working in the cloud. Regardless of how many times it decides to show me a static blue screen, whenever I restart the computer, everything is still there. Chrome prompts me to re-open all the tabs that were there before my computer “unexpectedly” shut down, ready to pick up from where I left off instantly, barring the odd login re-authentication. Without this functionality, I would no doubt have found the last few weeks nigh on impossible. So this has left me feeling good.

When it dies, my work doesn't go the way of the dodo with it.


All my contacts are still there, all my marketing activities are still happening, nothing has actually stopped as it would have done before. No time wasted, apart for the quick on/off of the laptop.

So when you next have a computer melt down, and curse yourself for losing work, just think about moving it into the cloud and discover how much calmer your life could be.